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I’m originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and am a second generation artist

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Shari Mallinson Artist

I’m the daughter of the late artist Sharon Mallinson and also the niece of late artist and photographer, Carol Mallinson-Johnson. I was inspired at a young age by my mother and aunt’s creativity and sold my first work at the age of nine. Little did I know this would lead to a life-long, passion-filled, obsession. I’ve since gone on to show and sell my work throughout Canada, Mexico, USA, Australia and various other destinations.

My skill level and experience are a mixture of formal training and self-education rising from my deep love and passion of the arts.

As an artist; illustrator, painter, designer, photographer, writer and poet, I do my best to use my abilities to express the intimacy of my work; to detail and capture feeling. My art had been described as “lying between emotion and movement; between passion and feeling” and “bold, bright and full of passion”. I’m a creative blend of introvert and extrovert; animated yet thoughtful. Quiet gardener and voracious book reader vs. sparkly shoe owner and closet, pajama-clad, Vegas show girl.

Shari Mallinson Portrait with PaintI’m a Canadian artist originally from Vancouver, working on multiple projects and seeking new representation in Los Angeles, New York & Rome.

I currently work as a professional day dreamer and artist somewhere on Canada’s most Eastern Coast: Nova Scotia to stay close to my co-weirdo/super-hero husband, menagerie of furry kids, and organic veggie garden, as well as my home and studio. (I’ve also been spotted creating in Venice Italy, Laguna Beach California and various beautiful locales in Mexico.)

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Shari Mallinson

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