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  • Jack Nicholson Portrait

3 Easy Steps

Want a one of a kind work of art? It’s easy.

Work directly with me to create something you love and experience stress-free customer service.  For questions please send me a message directly.


1. Consultation
We discuss what you’d like for your piece.
• the theme, idea and story you envision.

• the colors you adore.
• the finished size you have in mind.

2. Estimate
After we finalize your vision I review the details and provide an estimate. What’s involved in calculating the cost?
• the design.
• the size.
• the complexity of the piece.
• the time to complete.
• the materials.
• the possibility of framing.
• the shipment of the piece.

3. Agreement
If you accept the estimate we sign an agreement. You will shown the preliminary sketches of your piece and be updated on the progress. Ongoing communication is the key element of a successful commissioned piece.

Voila! You’re on your way to having your own amazing  piece. I can’t wait to work with you.

Shari Mallinson

Canadian Artwork Shipped Worldwide


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