I have two of Shari’s pieces and I still stop and look at one detail or another almost every day. Her line drawings are playful and fun. I have no doubt that there will be more of her magic on my walls in the future.

Heather Crowe Bohay

Highly recommended. Shari has captured for me what no others could. Thanks Shari!!

Mike Allan

I have had the pleasure of Shari’s artwork in my living room for the past ten years, and expect to add more in the future. I really appreciate her ability to mix classical sensibilities with modern inspiration and recommend her work due to her skill and careful craftsmanship

Matt Toma

I highly recommend Shari Mallinson! Her artwork is as amazing as it is unique. I have one of her pieces that I fell so in love with it that I felt compelled to create a new character for my book. She is inspiring!

Leah Strange

I have quite a few pieces from Shari and they are always the hot topic when people come to my house. She is a fantastic artist, very talented with many different art styles. She can even do something specific for you, she’s that good.

Karen George

Highly recommend art from Shari. I am proud to say I am the owner of an original piece. Love all her art. You need to buy some!

Corrina Norman

One of my absolute favorite pieces of art is done by Shari Mallinson. She created a work of art with me in mind and she captured what I love perfectly! Many thanks to a lovely artist. ?

Jean Schafer

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