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Paying it Forward
One work of art at a time

I Love to Make a Difference

That’s why partial proceeds of sales are tied to a non-profit initiative through Kiva.org.
When you invest in my work you’re not only purchasing something fabulous for yourself, friends or family you’re also helping support women entrepreneurs and their children in developing nations.

Paying it forward, Kiva

Kiva is awesome. I love it because with as little as $25 you can make a life-changing loan to another entrepreneur to help them create opportunities further enabling themselves and their families. Helping to alleviate poverty throughout the world one loan at a time.

*We aren’t directly affiliated with Kiva we just adore them and love to
throw them our support.


I Adore Making an Impact

That’s why when you order a “Ripley’s Flowers” print or order a custom pet portrait 25% of the proceeds are donated to The Dog Spot Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-homing Center.

"Ripley's Flowers" & The Dog SpotI have a soft spot in my heart for organizations that dedicated their lives to the incredibly difficult yet rewarding work of rescuing animals. And I’m especially fond of this organization because they are responsible for bringing our fantastic fur kid, Ripley, into our lives.

And with your help I’m making a difference by donating partial proceeds to The Dog Spot.

You can read about Ripley’s story HERE. You can buy “Ripley’s Flowers” HERE.

Together we can help these amazing animals find their forever homes.
*We aren’t directly affiliated with The Dog Spot we just think they’re doing amazing work and love to show them our support.



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