ARTIST & CREATIVE INTERVIEW SERIES, Picasso, Tamara Laporte’s Lifebook, Bob Ross and Nicole Bray’s love philosophy on art

I’m pretty over the moon about this creatives interview series for various reasons. Mainly because it has very little to do with me and very much to do with the intriguing stories of OTHER completely fascinating human beings. It gives me a chance to leave the funky, if not somewhat deep and firework-y depths of my own brain and enter the amazing worlds of others.

As much as the last interview with Charlotte Pingriff was horror-filled eye candy THIS latest artist continues to uphold standards of excellence in creativity. Here’s the speedy Scooby Doo flash back as to how I came to meet Nicole Bray and why her work makes my heart flutter.

Blooming Miracle, Nicole Bray

Blooming Miracle, Nicole Bray

I met Nicole online when I was continuing my quest for amazing creatives to interview. Voila! Ask and you shall receive, Shari. I needed more creative goodness to present to you dear readers and *The* Universe produced Nicole Bray via the land of interwebs. Doodle bugs, Nicole’s work is lovely! Her layers bring a depth and emotion to her pieces that convey delicacy and an at oneness with nature and the feminine divine. A gentle feast for the eyes.

Scooby Doo flash back to the present  So, now I’m more than happy to introduce; Nicole Bray in the latest artist spotlight. Let’s jump in to the interview …

shari: When did you get your artistic start?
nicole: About 10 years old. I wanted to make my mom a mother’s day gift so I painted her an oil painting while watching Bob Ross on TV. Her reaction to the painting is a big reason I kept with it.

Mermaid, Nicole Lynne

Mermaid, Nicole Lynne

shari: It can be a tough gig so what inspired you to continue following a creative path?
nicole: I’ve always felt that if I work at doing something I’m passionate about I will always feel rewarded and fulfilled. I know now that that isn’t always the case but it is a far better way to earn a living than hating the job you do.

shari: What is your personal philosophy when it comes to art?
nicole:Art out equals love in” a quote from Kelly Rae Roberts. As long as I am creating I am feeding my soul its most nourishing food.

Strength in the Struggle, Nicole Lynn

Strength in the Struggle, Nicole Lynne

shari: Did you start with painting or did you start with another medium?
nicole: Acrylic painting has always been my go to. Oil takes too long to dry. I turned to mixed media in my 30’s because as a graphic designer I loved combining pattern, text and imagery to my work. And I love creating work with lots of peek-a-boo layers that can be discovered throughout the piece.

shari: Did you train formally with any art classes or did you take a more organic, non academic approach?
nicole: I studied art into University. But online classes have probably propelled my knowledge far more in the past 5 years.

shari: If you had to pick one what would be your favorite medium? The one you couldn’t live without?
nicole: Acrylic paint. It’s just so versatile.

shari: Tell us about your creative process. Does it differ from medium to medium?
nicole: My process doesn’t differ a whole lot. I always step into the studio being ready to explore. If I know the medium I’ll push myself to learn more about it and if I don’t know the medium, I will allow it to teach me what it wants me to know.

Blue Sorrow, Nicole Lynne

Blue Sorrow, Nicole Lynne

shari: Who are your main creative influences?
nicole: I have so many… the one who I give the most credit to informing my work is Tamara Laporte from Her Lifebook classes have introduced me to so many techniques and teachers it’s been invaluable. I also love the work of Roxanne Coble (introduced to me this year through Lifebook). And an artist from my home city – Maria-Pace Winters. I love her mixed media girls.

shari: Did you fall into it your personal style or was it developed over time?
nicole: I don’t feel like I’ve found my personal style yet. I really struggle with my own creative voice. I’ve been working on finding it for the past 3 years, but I don’t feel I am there yet. I don’t have a body of work that really says “Yes that’s Nicole Bray’s work.”

shari: Tell us about your favourite art project to date?
nicole: My 30 days of painted elephants.

(Interview continues after the video jump.)

shari: Who is the one person (or people) who supported you throughout your journey?
nicole: My entire family. My sisters and my mom all have several pieces in their homes. My husband has been amazing.

shari: Tell us a little (or big) something about yourself that no one knows.
nicole: That I don’t know my own creative style yet.

Serene Silence, Nicole Lynne

Serene Silence, Nicole Lynne

shari: Who is your one dream client and why?
nicole: A not for profit woman’s organization that I can paint the faces of women who are overcoming their challenges.

shari: If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?
nicole: Dead; Picasso. I adore his work. Alive; Maria Pace Wynters

shari: If you had to pick another career other than the one you have now what would it be and nicole: why? Art Therapy Teacher

Nicole Lynne

Nicole Lynne

shari: If there was one thing you’d want people to know about you and/or your work what would it be?
nicole: That what I paint is a direct part of a piece of my soul. I paint as a form of therapy. It is the one thing that brings my soul its greatest joy. And that it is years and years of practice, that I’m still learning.

shari: Is there anything else you’d like us to know? Your next project?
nicole: I’m hoping to start making some products to sell on Etsy. A goddess deck of sorts. Stay tuned.


Thanks Nicole for the great interview! Anyone wishing to view more of Nicole Bray’s work, contact her or follow her can do so through the following websites:

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Nicole’s website

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Nicole on the Instagram Interwebs

In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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