Baddie Winkle 87 year old rebel spirit animal

Baddie Winkle 87 year old rebel spirit animalI’m not sure if you’ve ever heard about Baddie Winkle but if you haven’t let me introduce you because I’m convinced you need her in your life.

I first learned about her a year or so ago and was immediately captured by her awe-inspiring attitude, wild, slightly blinding clothes, and stunning Facebook and Instagram images. She’s part rebel part spirit animal and is reshaping stereo typical ideals of what it means to age.


Check out this inspiring Refinery29 video on Baddie.

(Baddie Winkle 87 year old rebel spirit animal, video.)

Comment below and tell me about YOUR iconic crush. Want to read about another inspiring icon?
Check out Iris Apfel.

In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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