BORED PANDA Marx Brothers 2000 versus Tyrion Lannister 2016

Hello again my l’il chickadees, it seems I’m behind the times with all the creating and being distracted by shiny objects. You know how that goes I’m sure. Sparkly … shiny … things. See? There I go again.

It came to my attention that I neglected to share this Bored Panda contest post, from back in the day, that I had thrown my stuff in last minute. (Okay, I’m sure we all know I do very little last minute as I like to plan and put a glossy, star-shiny,pièce de ré·sis·tance on the majority of things I touch. Want to torture me? Get me to start something and then yoink it away last minute only to hang it in front of me with a graffiti proof shallack on it so that never again can I touch or finish it. As one of my brothers is fond of saying to me “OCD much?” I just like to think I’m quirky.) So when ye mosey on over my submission is #22. There were a total of 105 so you don’t have to scroll TOO far. I’ll ge honest I didn’t eyeball all of them because I tend to have an attention span the length of a goldfish’s. I got 58 points or upvotes (as the kids call them) in the voting which I think is pretty respectable. *clasps old timey suit lapel in pride*

Bored Panda Shari Mallinson Artwork Submission

Bored Panda 2000 Marx Brothers versus 2016 Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Submission


Bored Panda Shari Mallinson Artwork Submission

My respectable 58 upvotes. (Y’know social media proof I wasn’t just randomly making weirdness up. Not saying that never happens though. *winky eye*) And my modest learned “thank you” response in lieu of rambling like a weirdo. (I call it “putting on my respectable non frightening public pants” as opposed to my “letting all my pajama-clad Vegas show girl quirks hang out in my private pants” pants. Is that a thing?)

In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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