| Shari Mallinson

I was doing my yearly perusal of my name on the internet to see how and where it and my work is being used and I got distracted by shiny objects. Well, actually, I started Googling relatives that are missing in action, that I haven’t seen for a long time and/or I haven’t been able to find on Facebook. In all the hullaballoo I found this very cool article about my deceased aunt, Carol Mallinson-Johnson. (I hate saying “late”. It sounds like the person in question is about to pop in for dinner and frankly that would really freak me out and “dearly departed” sounds like perhaps they’re about to embark on a cruise to some magical place and as weird as it is that invokes feelings of pretend jealousy for their imagined vacation.)

I’m convinced there were more articles, and other delights from back in her artist and photography heyday but this was 1985 we’re talking about. The internet, for popular consumption, was still in it’s infancy.

Yes, that’s right kids, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Anyway, check out the article. She was a very cool woman whom I’d very much wished I’d gotten to know better.

(There was an incident where she took me shopping and picked out a bright yellow MC Hammer pants and coat outfit for me but we won’t get into that.)

Oh and on the same page there was an ad for a super sleek Tandy 1000. It looked like it weighed a mere 75lbs.



In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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