Iris Apfel Geriatric Starlet Fashion Icon Crush

Iris Apfel Geriatric Starlet Fashion Icon CrushI don’t think I’ve ever been so much in geriatric starlet crush with anyone as I have been with Iris Apfel. A jaw dropping fashion icon for the ages. I’d seen her gorgeousness (and wonderfully funky eye glasses *swoon*) frequently over the years but was finally drawn into finding out more about her about two years ago. Who could possibly resist the siren’s lure of legendary Iris Apfel?

I read a few articles and couldn’t seem to get enough. Finally, while cruising the late night Netflix looking for something to binge watch in lieu of counting ceiling daubs due to insomnia, I found a documentary on the saucy, street smart, 95 year old ingenue. Getting a glimpse at all the delicious things Iris is at the top of my guilty pleasures.

The documentary was a candid and wonderful look into Iris’s life that left me feeling somewhat like a voyeur. I shook off the slightly askew feeling while my eyes giddly poured over gorgeous vintage fabrics and clothing collection I’d only ever get to at the MET or, as it were, Netflix.  I imagined how the textiles felt as my fingers gently lilted over them and admired this bold goddess for her tell it like it is attitude, sense of humor and most of all, fashion prowess.

If I’m half the fabulously stylish wise acre Iris is at 95 I’ll be buried with a giddy smile, fashionably dressed while clasping delicious fabrics for all eternity. *raises a glass of sparkling yums to Iris*

COVETEUR’s video gives you a quick glimpse of Life According to Iris Apfel.

(Iris Apfel Geriatric Starlet Fashion Icon Crush. Basically my spirit animal, video.)

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In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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