Fire Kali Throw Pillow, Sneak Peek

My l’il chickadees, I’m super excited about my new small batch, throw pillows I could squeal. (Let’s be honest, I’m busting.) The Fire Kali items haven’t *officially* been launched so I wanted to give you a sneak peak before they are!

It’s also an opportunity to quickly introduce the MAJOR celebrity in our house who happens to have a speedy little cameo in the video below. Introducing *drum roll* Ripley aka Schmoops, Ripple Roo, Handsome boy and a bunch of other lovey dovey nicknames. What to learn more about this furry love? Check THIS OUT.

So without further ado, eyeball the quickie video below. It gives you an up close and personal view of one of the Fire Kali throw pillow cases. AND THEN follow the link below to mosey over to the store to check out the item in all its glory with more behind the scenes details and story line. (It’s super gorgeous! The fabric is thick and the colours are amazingly vibrant. L’il secret: I have two and they look decadently amazing in my living space!)

(Please note: I was pretty giddy when I got these so the video is just of the throw pillow case. They’re available with a.)  just the case OR b.) the pillow annnnnnd the case. All depending on your preference and availability. This way you can stuff it with flower blossoms or your favourite pillow form. Case love, pillow love, case love, pillow love.)


(Fire Kali Throw Pillow , video.)

You can find additional details for Fire Kali Throw Pillow here. Each small batch Fire Kali item is available in limited amounts.


In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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