Shari Mallinson

I’m honored to be a part of and one of the amazing women interviewed by Kerrie Louise Duggan in her fantastic Sacred & Sexy series.

“Get the lowdown and dirty on fabulous ‘Creative Soul Sisters’ from all over the globe! Doing their thing and rockin’ their tribe…Inspiring us all to know better, do better, love more and work with passion. Our Sacred & Sexy Interview this week is with Shari Mallinson from Vancouver, Canada …

Shari was inspired at a young age by her mother and aunt’s creativity and sold her first work at the age of nine. Little did she know this would lead to a life-long, passion-filled, obsession. She’s since gone on to show and sell her work throughout Canada, Mexico, United States, Australia and various other destinations.

As an artist; illustrator, painter and designer she does her best to use her abilities to express the intimacy of her work; to detail and capture feeling. She’s a creative blend of introvert and extrovert; animated yet thoughtful. Quiet gardener and voracious book reader vs. sparkly shoe owner and closet, pajama-clad, Vegas showgirl …”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the interview.

In peace, love and art,

Shari Mallinson

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